Australian Activewear Brands

At d+k, we believe that we have some incredible design talent in Australia, and we wanted to use this expertise to create a range of activewear that would appeal to everyone, no matter what their size, gender or level of fitness. However, as an Aussie company, we wanted our garments to not only be designed by Aussie designers but to be made in Australia too. Our aim is to become one of the leading Australian activewear brands that our customers will feel proud to buy and will love to wear.

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Support Australian Activewear Brands


When you choose to buy d+k clothing, you choose to buy from one of the most ethical activewear brands Australia has available. You don’t need to be concerned about where and how your activewear was made and whether its production has had an adverse effect on the environment. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that all our garments have been produced right here in Australia in our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Brisbane.


High-Performance Australian Activewear Brands


In our bid to become one of the best Australian activewear brands we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that our garments not only look stylish but that they’re fit for purpose too. We’ve invested in the most up-to-date technology to deliver products that are made from high-performance fabrics and have included a range of features that will make wearing our clothing a pleasurable experience.


You’ll find that just like other activewear brands our garments tick all the boxes when it comes to performance, with features such as moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics with a built-in UPF 50+ protection together with thoughtful extras such as customisable fits, convenient pockets and adjustable straps.


There’s no need to compromise on performance, style, fit and comfort when you choose to buy d+k activewear.


We Have The Best Australian Activewear Brands


If you have been looking high and low for the best Australian activewear brands, then you will be pleased to hear that the search is over as D+K is the online store that blows all other Australian activewear brands out of the water. From our high-quality clothing and fabric to our morals and ethics regarding sustainability and environmental ethics, we are the place to shop at.


If you would like more information about why D+K is the company to purchase from out of all the activewear brands here in Australia, be sure to carry on reading below.


Why Choose D+K


At D+K, we are extremely proud to offer amazing products and fantastic service and this is why our customers come back to us time and time again. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to shop with us.


  • Shipping - At D+K, you will be happy to hear that we ship worldwide! We have a flat rate shipping charge of just $9.95 for orders in Australia and this is free for any orders over $100. You can check out our New Zealand and worldwide shipping rates over on our shipping and returns page.
  • Ethical - When you make a purchase with us, you will have the huge benefit of knowing that you are buying from a brand that takes its ethics seriously. Our activewear is all designed and made right here in Australia and we even have our entire team working under one roof to reduce our clothing kilometres as much as we possibly can.
  • Sustainable Activewear - Alongside having our whole team working under one roof, we produce all the energy here that we need. What is even more exciting about this is that we have generated more energy that we have used, which can then go back to the grid. All materials that are not reused are recycled and we make it as easy as we possibly can to recycle in our premises. If we have any material left over, this will go back to our sampling department or we will give it to design students who can make great use out of it.
  • Minimal Environmental Impact  - As you can see above, we as a company want to make as little impact on the environment as we can and we try to incorporate the latest technology to allow us to do that. We reduce power consumption whenever we can and enforce minimal wastage.


Speak To The D+K Team Now


If you want to speak to the D+K team before making an activewear brands purchase on our site, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Our online enquiry form is easy to fill out and you will get a response from us as soon as possible. We are now on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, and you can send us a direct message here too.


Activewear Brands for Every Body

One reason why we believe our activewear brand is becoming so popular is because we design for every body – regardless of body shape or size, age or gender. We’ve studied how the body moves and which parts of the body need extra support and have used this knowledge to create functional clothing that feels comfortable and supportive no matter what kind of activity you’re involved in. Whether you’re practising yoga, participating in a boxing class, running with friends or simply running around town taking care of errands, our range of shorts, tops, pants, yoga clothing and leggings will ensure you look as good as you feel.


And when you choose to buy from us, you can feel confident that you’re doing your part in support of the Australian economy and the Australian manufacturing industry. We’re part of the Australian Made Campaign so you can rest assured that all our workers are treated ethically and that health and safety is paramount in all our production processes.


So take a look at our range of clothing today, make your choice and we’ll deliver it directly to your door as quickly as possible. Isn’t it time that you discovered what a difference d+k activewear can make to your life and your body?


D+K is a Brisbane based online garment retailer that focuses on sustainable activewear. They sell all types of workout clothes and ethical sportswear, as well as maternity activewear for women. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

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