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It’s no wonder that our exercise tights are amongst our best sellers. They have the ability to shape, support and lift while you’re pounding the streets or aiming for a new squat personal best. We have one of the best selections of gym tights Australia wide, with tights to suit every taste, exercise and body size. We’ve made it our aim to deliver a range of tights and leggings that offer more than just good looks. Our tights won’t dig in, won’t roll down and won’t stretch, sag and bag to leave your legs looking wrinkled rather than toned. They’re super flattering, and look fab in and out of the gym.


Take our running tights. They come in a variety of leg lengths that will flatter and lengthen your leg, plus they incorporate internal pockets, reflective patches and soft elastic waistbands while our gym tights will give you the confidence that comes with knowing that you can squat to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge that the fabric covering your booty won’t turn transparent. And talking of booties, we have tights that are designed to lift and shape and to provide supportive compression for muscles to give you a toned look that will be the envy of other gym goers.


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Our Gym Tights Won’t Let You Down


Try a pair of our gym tights and you’ll see why they’re so popular. For starters they’re made from some of the most technically advanced fabrics with breathable qualities that wick moisture away as soon as the going gets tough. They won’t stretch out and they’ll retain their shape wash after wash.


Plus, in line with our BE YOU campaign, our tights are designed to fit all body shapes and all sizes. We cut them carefully so that they follow the lines of your body to fit like a second skin and, as they come in a variety of lengths, whether you’re tall or short, slim or plus size, you’ll find options that will fit you perfectly. We also offer maternity tights which will accommodating a growing bump, and which do double duty as postnatal exercise wear once the bub makes an appearance.


Choose Australian Made Gym Tights


Of course, there are many exercise tights on the market that offer similar benefits, but how many brands can say that their products are ethically made? At d+k, we have complete confidence in our products and we know exactly, where and how they were manufactured because we make them all ourselves right here in our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. All our exercise clothing is produced with sustainability in mind, so you’re not only getting high quality, high-performance exercise wear, but you’re getting exercise wear with a conscience.


As more and more Australians become aware of environmental issues and of the impact of buying clothing that’s made in less than optimal conditions, we offer the conscientious consumer a way to buy exercise tights in Australia that are not just super stylish but that are ethical too. Plus, when you buy from d+k, you’re helping to support Aussie workers and our own economy.


Pick Up Your Exercise Tights Today


So, why not try a pair of d+k Australian made exercise tights today? We offer the option to purchase using Afterpay or zip and deliver all our products Australia wide. 


Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You in d+k Australian made exercise tights.


D+K is a Brisbane based online garment retailer that focuses on sustainable activewear. They sell all types of workout clothes and ethical sportswear, as well as maternity activewear for women. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

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