Plus Size Activewear

Be At Your Best In d+k Plus Size Activewear


Our plus size workout clothes have been designed to deliver comfort, functionality and most of all style. Our activewear is aimed at helping everyone find workout clothes that are empowering and environmentally friendly. Regardless of where you are in your life, you can rest easy knowing that there is activewear that stays true to those values everytime you put them on.


No matter what kind of exercise you prefer, we’ll have the perfect workout outfit for you and our exciting range of tops, tights, shorts, pants, tanks, hoodies and swimwear will ensure that you will feel as good as you look. Our activewear will be your new best friend and your constant companion whether you’re in the gym, you’re out running, or you’re simply relaxing at home.


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Forget What You’re Wearing in our Plus Size Workout Clothing


There was a time when buying plus size activewear was difficult, but we’ve made it as easy as 1,2,3, as we simply offer added styles in larger sizes.


That means that you’ll be benefitting from a range of exercise clothing that’s been designed and made with care right here in Australia. Our garments are stylish and comfortable and feature all the latest technological innovations combined with the practical elements that make our products so popular. You’ll get moisture wicking and breathable fabrics that allow you to move without restriction while providing all the coverage you need especially when bending or squatting, together with customisable fits, adjustable straps, convenient pockets, UPF 50+ protection and fabrics that do double duty as activewear and swimwear.


Of course, all our garments are easy maintenance and quick to dry, plus they’ll come up looking good wash after wash. Isn’t that what you want and need from your exercise wear?


Plus Size Activewear Made Ethically


While there are many brands out there that cater for a variety of sizes, how many of them can say that they produce all their garments in Australia? At d+k, we produce and deliver sustainable plus size activewear Australia wide from our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. All our garments are designed, cut and sewn right here on site under the watchful eye of our passionate team. That’s why you can be sure that you’re getting ethically produced clothing that has as small a carbon footprint as possible.


Every Purchase Of Plus Size Activewear Helps


But more than that, when you invest in d+k garments, you’re investing in our country. We’re part of the Australian Made Campaign which means that we’re passionate about developing homegrown talent and providing jobs for Aussie workers. So the next time you’re looking for stylish gym wear that fits your figure and fits in with your lifestyle and ethics, take a look at our clothing, and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits!=


Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You in d+k plus size workout clothing.


Buy Plus Size Activewear In Australia


Women with plus size bodies have the toughest time at starting out on a weight loss journey, not just because it is hard to get active but because there are so few fitness companies out there that supply plus size workout clothes.


Everyone wants to look good while working up a sweat in the gym or when you are out and about jogging or cycling.  At d+k we make it just a little bit easier for women to find the right clothing because we supply high-quality fitness clothing in plus sizes. 


You can buy a variety of plus size clothing such as tops, tees, tights, shorts and more.  All of these garments have been specially designed to suit a plus-sized body perfectly and to help you look your best.


How Our Activewear Will Help You on Your Fitness Journey


We sell the best plus size activewear you can possibly own.  Our designer invested a lot of time to research and develops a range of clothing that makes you feel very comfortable and that gives you the best possible benefits while you are working out.  Here are the top ways our plus size sports clothing will help you out as you exercise.


You feel comfortable - Our clothing is made of soft breathable sports energise fabrics that move with your body so you can feel perfectly comfortable whether you are jogging, dancing, doing cardio or weight training.


Promotes blood circulation - Our tights offer light compression that promotes healthy blood circulation through your body as you work out.  This greatly enhances your overall health and performance.


Fine quality fabrics - We only use the finest quality fabrics such as sports energise fabrics or luxury Italian lycra for all of our clothing which ensures that your clothes will last a long time.


Our clothes changes with your body - Our sports clothing is highly elastic and will fit you snug even after losing some weight.


Enhances recovery - Our tight-fitting sports clothes offer muscular support which reduces the chances of getting sports injuries and promotes quick recovery.


You will look fantastic - D+K’s sportswear looks absolutely brilliant.  These clothes are designed to be fashionable while fitting to your body shape.


Buy Plus Size Activewear Online


Getting your first pairs of d+k active clothing couldn’t be easier because you can buy all of our Australian made garments online from our website.  We deliver across the country and even offer free shipping on orders that exceed $100 depending on your location.  d+k also works with afterpay, a company that allows you to buy and check out clothing right now and pay these garments off later on in interest-free payments. 


With the help of d+k and our fabulous clothing range, you’re well on the way to feeling empowered when you put on your activewear.


D+K is a Brisbane based online garment retailer that focuses on sustainable activewear. They sell all types of workout clothes and ethical sportswear, as well as maternity activewear for women. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

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