Pregnancy Gym Wear

Pregnancy is a beautiful and very special stage in your life.  But this time is also filled with lots of challenges and struggles.  It is hard to find clothing that fits you while your body is still busy growing.  It is hard to find clothes that don’t roll up or down your belly.  It is very hard to find something that fits comfortably when your pregnancy is already making you feel so sore and uncomfortable.

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Buy Pregnancy Gym Wear So You Can Be a Fit Mom


d+k is here to help you on this journey to remain active and healthy as you and your baby grow.  We sell a wide range of fine quality pregnancy gym wear in Australia that will help you enjoy a much more comfortable pregnancy, and that will help perform at your best while you are working out in the gym.


The Best Pregnancy Gym Wear for Sale


At d+k we invested a lot of time and effort into developing a range of maternity gym wear that will benefit you the most.  Our clothing is the best gym outfits you can possibly buy for all the following reasons;


Suitable for all stages of maternity - These clothes are perfectly functional throughout all three stages of your pregnancy and can even be worn as post-maternity wear.  Our tops and tights are designed to support the weight of your growing belly and will also help push back your after-birth tummy.


Stylish outfits - Looking great will give you plenty of confidence as you work out in the gym and our gym clothes certainly do look fabulous.  The clothing is perfectly suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and will help you look your very best while you are working out.


Comfortable fit - Our active gym wear is incredibly comfortable.  The light and elastic fabrics allow you to move with ease and our pregnancy tights are fitted with specially designed bamboo waistbands that support your belly and that expand with you.


Health improvement properties - Our gym wear promotes your health during pregnancy.  The clothing’s light compression effect promotes blood circulation throughout your body, and the fabric lends muscle support that reduces the chances of getting sore muscles or sports injuries.  Our fabrics are also moisture-wicking and will keep you dry even as you sweat it out in the gym.


Buy Your Pregnancy Gym Wear Online


You can buy our gym clothes directly from our website and we will have these items delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia and globally.


d+k also works with afterpay and allows you to buy your clothes now and pay later in interest-free fortnightly payments.  Our association with afterpay makes it much easier for moms to make a full wardrobe switch to active maternity wear so you can always look great while you work out. 


For more information on our clothing ranges or payment options, we welcome you to give our offices a call right now. 


D+K is a Brisbane based online garment retailer that focuses on sustainable activewear. They sell all types of workout clothes and ethical sportswear, as well as maternity activewear for women. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

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